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The Straight Story

Straight Story
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Your gauges are an integral part of your interior and their appearance presents those in the cockpit with the same sense of uniqueness and style as that of the overall boat or car. I've seen my share of beautiful old boats and cars restored - then outfitted with the latest designs, many of which were made to look antique but fall short in many ways besides the obvious "kit-car" connotation.

To this end I feel very strongly that the gauges be treated as importantly as any other visual part of your restoration. You fell in love with a particular design as a whole and to remove this part and replace it with modern components is to lessen the experience of the whole vehicle. Modern movements can be used internally where it is necessary but still maintain the original appearance.

I have lots of information available through e-mail concerning voltage, sending units (which I stock), and specific design challenges.


Generally a complete restoration consists of: complete disassembly, test, clean, lubricate the movement, reface the gauge, repaint the pointer and re-calibrate the movement. The case is bead blasted, white zinc plated or repainted, any light filters are replaced. All glass is polished unless it has silk-screening-then it is replaced. any inner bezels are repainted and the bezel(s) are re-chromed. There are obviously many differences in design and parts but this should cover most every gauge made and in general the costs are currently $330.00.

If additional replacement parts - broken glass, pointers, bezels, etc. are needed they will be included in individual estimates; however most gauges will fall under the above price range.

Gauge movement replacement typically runs 175.00 per gauge without silk screening or chrome. Electric tach conversions vary but will run at least $285.00.

I am happy to "a-la-carte" the system to accommodate lesser needs.

I require a 30% deposit on all reproduction orders. I ship UPS unless otherwise requested.


Most repair/restoration work can be completed within 8 to 12 weeks with the exception of chrome plating. If no chrome is necessary I will do my best to keep within that time frame. If chrome must be redone it can range from 8 weeks to 5 months depending on the time of year and the amount of repair work (some panels are quite deteriorated), and the chrome shop's backlog. I no longer guarantee the time for outside vendors - I can only guarantee their work. I use nothing but the best available and the time it takes when you want the best can sometimes be a burden. I believe that my finished products are worth the effort and wait.

There are certain times of year that the incoming workload is almost overwhelming and I can get 6 months back-logged. I cannot plan for this but ask that you put this part of your restoration in to process long before that last coat of varnish or paint.


All work is sent UPS unless otherwise requested.
COD, unless personal checks have been discussed ahead of time.
PayPal accepted as long as you don't mind paying their additional fees which I believe are+/- 3%.


Many people don't get through with their projects for quite some time after I'm done with my end. It is for this reason that I think a 1 or even 2 year warranty is unacceptable.
All my work is warrantied. Chrome is at least two years although after 30 years in business I haven't had one complaint.
Restorations and repairs are generally warrantied indefinitely; unless it looks like it's been through a fire or a flood I guarantee what I do to last.

I want your next job - not your last one.

Thank you,

Mark A. Clawson